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Gibrán Rivera

Gibrán Rivera is an internationally renowned master facilitator who has devoted his life to the development of leaders and organizational transformation. His work is anchored by the idea of Evolutionary Leadership - it is about consciousness, culture and action through relentless experimentation. Gibrán’s commitment is to bring great people together to do work that changes everything. It is a commitment to justice and creative possibility. Gibrán serves as an organizational development consultant. He specializes in the development of leadership networks defined by authentic connection and he has a growing practice at the intersection of art and social justice.


Austin Badger

Austin has served as Evolutionary Leadership's Operations Director since 2014. She managed the launch and growth of our annual leadership development workshop that empowers social innovators to launch their own projects and subsequently stay in a network together. Her dedication to social change and activism started at a young age when she co-founded and ran a nonprofit to support the arts programs for a local magnet school. Austin earned a B.M in Vocal Performance/Opera from the Boston Conservatory. She remains passionate about the importance of the arts and the power they hold in building community, evoking empathy, and encouraging creative thinking.

Statement Of Integrity


The work of a facilitator is to make collaboration easier. Collaborative breakthroughs are borne out of spaces that can withstand the fire of difference long enough to birth what is beautiful and new. These spaces are necessarily defined by authenticity, trust, and the generative power of human connection.

Authenticity, trust and connection demand our vulnerability. And vulnerability is always a risk.

As I work on the Better Men Project.  As I listen to the painful stories of the women that are saying #MeToo. As I evaluate my own life and seek to take responsibility. I find it necessary to make a statement of integrity:

As a facilitator of retreats designed to nurture trust and intimacy it is my commitment to ensure these spaces are safe for women.

This means inviting right behavior from all participants. It means holding all present to a high standard of integrity. And it means myself modeling clear boundaries and the highest standard of behavior.

When I came into this work it was part of my practice to party with participants, I took pride in “being part of the group.” As I grow into a deeper understanding of my role, and as I seek to do even more meaningful and important work, it is no longer my practice to join participants in this way.

It is my practice to keep clear boundaries in my role as facilitator, which includes not partaking in the use of substances or any behavior that could be construed as flirtatious or sexual.

This statement is grounded in the conviction that clarity about role and boundary is what yields truly remarkable work. And it comes from the passionate belief that a world that is safe for women to thrive is the key to our evolutionary leap.

*I partner with my wife, Samantha Tan, in hosting Couples Workshops as well as work that includes sacred sexuality and other work that is held separately and demands a different level of informed consent.