A Gender Lens

The discourse around gender equality is opening through the bravery of women. Trump and others have triggered a revolt, voices bringing to light how pervasive sexual assault is. Yes, it’s Trump. But it is our culture as a whole. I’m lifting up this post from last month in our newsletter, because in the wake of #metoo I’m sure many of us are grasping for something to do. Check out UltraViolet. They are moving the dial on gender equality.

Original post here:

Last week I was truly honored to facilitate the staff retreat of UltraViolet, the organization that defines itself as “a movement that is shifting culture and policy to defeat sexism.” Their work could not be more relevant for our political moment.


The smart, highly skilled and passionate staff came together to ask big questions, like what does it mean to bring a gender lens to all the bad things that are happening in the Trump era? What would it take to innovate on an intersectional approach? How can we make political action more creative, and harness interest in digital engagement? Ultra Violet plans to end sexism, and they couldn’t be more qualified. 

Some of the questions they are asking are relevant for all of us now. What happens when you add a gender lens to any of your policy concerns? How do you think differently about issues ranging from immigration to climate change when you take a moment to pause and ask - how is sexism impacting the way in which we are going about this?

Other98 recently photoshopped men out of politics and gave us a stark visual of the lack of representation of women in the halls of power. How can anyone find it sane to run a world this way? Take a close look at these images and you’ll get how humanity has placed itself and the planet in a state of crisis.

without men.png

What groups like UltraViolet are doing is identifying the policy and cultural lever to remedy this insanity. Patriarchy is the beast. It is the sickness. And it is not just about a feeling or an attitude (though these certainly matter), it is about a structure that wields an immense amount of power. Decisions that impact all of humanity should include women.

I am passionately committed to undoing the harms that patriarchy has done to my own spirit and psyche. And I am just as committed to doing all that I can to undo the way patriarchy shows up in our politics and our culture. This is the work of our times.

I am so glad UltraViolet is here to help.