I am convening a Burning Man Integration group for anyone that wants help decompressing their experience at the burn.

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There is no doubt that burning man is transformational, (you can find out more about my experience here). Something happens there that has the potential to change people's lives. It wakes up commitment, effort and a sense of community. 

But we live in the default world. And it wants to take your experience and make it a commodity. Make it something you can buy.

Here, it does not matter what you are into. Whether it is virtual reality, the great outdoors, meditation or sex positivity - even sacred medicine work.
All of it can be commodified.
All of it can be reduced to an experience that you pocket.

You get to speak of it.
You get to remember that you had it.

But it will not be something that changes you.

Change demands integration.

How do I bring this insight into my daily life?
How will this memory shape the way I live?
How will this change my relationship?
What am I going to practice?
Who am I going to practice with?
Who am I becoming because of this?

Let's be in community and answer these questions.
Let's harness the power of our connection.
Let's grow. Let's change.

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