All of my work is animated by the conviction that we need to take an evolutionary leap. And it is a leap towards a new sense of “We,” towards a collective consciousness. Committed relationships provide a very unique set of conditions for practicing better ways of being-with.

Couples tend to do this work alone, or at best, with a counselor. We don't have community space where we can get better at being a couple. But as Esther Perel says, this is the first time in history that we expect our partner to fulfill all the needs that a village used to fulfill. It’s a set up. And we need a better way.

On September 9, my wife and I piloted our first Couple’s Workshop, and it was beautiful.

We piloted a one-day workshop because we want to offer a Couple's Retreat in the spring of 2018. We’ll run our next one day pilot in the new year. This is the spirit of Evolutionary Leadership, a commitment to relentless experimentation.

Are you interested in participating in our next pilot workshop on in the coming months, or an extended retreat in the spring?