Are you on top of your game? Bursting with creativity? Ready to leap?

I’m looking for a diverse group of people on their A game to participate in a Master Mind Group.

Driven people. Motivated. Healthy.

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100 Days

We are shaped by our peers.We are social animals. I’m going to give 100 days to the strongest group of peers that I can possibly bring together. 100 days to make things happen.

Bring your project, dream and goal, and commit to make it real.
You’ll be up by 5AM.
You will watch what you eat.
Keep a mindfulness practice.
And take good care of your body.

You will check-in every day.
You’ll have a group call every week.
And you will move your work forward.
This is space for transformation.

In addition to daily practices, we will have two weekend sessions and in-person meetings. 

I will pour myself into this. I will give you more than a decade of experience helping people make dreams real. You will have masterful facilitation, creating access to one another’s learning and resources.

Here is a support group. A consultancy. A fellowship of friends. An accountability structure. A point A to point B. This is what it means to commit.

We are developing a premium product. The first Mastermind Group will only pay 25% of the actual cost. I’m looking for at least a couple of people that I have not yet met. I want skills and mindset that live outside of my realm. The diversity of experience will be a core part of this game.

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