Over the last 10 years, Gibrán has coached me at critical professional and even personal junctures.  In all settings, he has exposed me to new ways of conceptualizing  problems and introduced me to cutting edge thinking -- around networks, community and complexity.  Through his coaching, he has helped me move from old and tired top-down modes of approaching management issues and moved me brilliant into life affirming vistas.

He has improved my writings. He never fails to expand and blow my mind.   My old mainstream ways now appear ho-hum. The results of his coaching and facilitation are always breakthrough and grounded. Gibrán is grounded in the harsh economic and practical reality of urban communities, non-profits, institutions and foundations and is attuned to the opportunities that today's challenges present.   With his help I have reached new levels of personal and group creativity and productivity.  And we always enjoy a good laugh.  Gibrán brings warmth, fun and insight to all his work. And even better, he teaches you how to do the same.

-Greg Jobin-Leeds, Author, Founder, Schott Foundation for Public Education 

Gibrán Rivera is an amazing facilitator and coach.  He remains on the cutting edge of emergence theory and is able to take any person or group on a journey towards effective planning and personal enlightenment.  I have brought Gibran into projects with gang members, entrepreneurs and philanthropists.  In all cases his facilitation lead to major breakthroughs with the team that allowed us to build honest plans and aspirational outcomes.  I use Gibran whenever possible.

-Malia Lazu, President of Epicenter Communities

Gibrán Rivera is a genius.  But there are lots of geniuses in this world.  What makes Gibrán unique is that he has a special ability to communicate his genius to everyone.  The way that he develops a collective understanding within any given group allows for that collection of people to move together with clarity and for ALL of their wisdom to be shared.

-Tomás Garduño, Political Director, ALIGN (Alliance for a Greater New York)

Gibrán is an extraordinarily skilled coach and facilitator.  He is wise, funny, honest and heartfelt, and has a beautiful ability to read what a group needs, to listen deeply, and to help us find answers from within… Underlying his skillful coaching and facilitation is a deep and grounding faith that we are here for a reason.  That belief changes everything.

-Josh Viertel, former President
Slow Food USA

Flow Shmo! Everyone talks about "being in the flow" as the place of peak actualization but most of us get stuck over and over and it's humbling.  That's where Gibran comes in.  With open heartedness and firm persuasion he facilities from the inside out. He supports us over the threshold into a place of confidence that comes from hard work, recognition of our gifts and friendship with our own vulnerability. This is flow-

-Pat Brandes, former President, 
Barr Foundation