We are sunsetting the Evolutionary Leadership Workshop but you can keep up with past EL Participants on out Community Page

For four years The Evolutionary Leadership Workshop has been our flagship program.

The workshop is the most meaningful of my professional achievements. It is the work I’m proudest of. Like all good experiments, it must keep evolving. We will no longer be offering the Evolutionary Leadership Workshop. We are changing our focus. We want to nurture the community of doers that has grown around workshop.

The Evolutionary Leadership Workshop is a workshop to make dreams real. Anchored by the framework of intention, connection and experimentation.

I brought my full self, the very best of what I have learned, to this immersive six day experience. I committed to creating something transformational. I wanted to do work that that would seed real change. It is the work of healing hearts. The work of purpose,  strategy and community. Work grounded in love and accountability.


I wanted to create something that would last. More than a peak experience. Not something that fades away as soon as you get back to your normal routine. I wanted to build community.

Four years later the Evolutionary Leadership Community has taken on a life of its own. Participants support each other everyday. The support can be professional, emotional, and even financial. We understand that this is what it takes to thrive together. This is what it takes to thrive at all.

Shot and edited by Danielle Coates-Connor

Participating in Evolutionary Leadership at Hollyhock was a life changing experience for me. I came back so clear that I am walking in my path, and with the confidence to step fully into my vision and into my power. The container that Gibran built shepherded a break down of insecurities, nurtured transformative relationships, and centered us in our unique and collective paths towards social change. I am humbled and honored to have been part of this first workshop.