Reclaiming Birth

In our third episode I interview Nashira Baril. Nashira attended the Evolutionary Leadership Workshop in 2015. She came to work on her dream of building a birth center in Boston. Nearly four years later that dream is seeded and well on its way to bloom. Check out the birth center’s website here and listen in to learn more about this project, the meaningful implications of this work and how you can get involved.

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The Power Manual

We are thrilled to introduce the first ever Evolutionary Leadership Podcast! I invite you into conversation with remarkable people who have devoted their lives to the evolution of consciousness and culture. (This is our first, your feedback will be helpful!)

In this episode I interview author Cyndi Suarez, who has just released The Power Manual, a book on how to master complex power dynamics. Cyndi is one of my dearest friends. And she has written a book for our time.

The social movements of our day have a conflicted relationship with power, endlessly deconstructing its evils while actively yearning for it. We forget that in any conflict the tendency is to become the mirror image of your opponent. There is great confusion between the struggle for power and the quest of liberation. Cyndi has written a comprehensive operations manual for living into the tension of these distinctions and quite literally enacting our way to freedom.

I had a blast talking to her, teasing out her ideas and learning more about her personal story. I’m sure we’ll be talking again.

Go ahead and listen in. Enjoy!

The Estuary Projects

In our second episode Kendra Hicks teaches us about The Estuary Projects and how the future is birthed by the apocalypse. Remembering is the first part, the second part is experimentation. How can we be as deeply connected to an unseen future?

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