Meet Colette Pichon Battle, culture holder, bayou woman, community healer, fierce advocate. Listen to this voice of moral clarity coming from the front lines of climate change. Colette’s sense of urgency is matched by a deep wisdom of the heart. By her trust in the power of community, and by her belief that we can heal and rise together.

Colette Pichon Battle is the Executive Director of the Gulf Coast Center for Law & Policy (GCCLP), working on issues of global migration, community economic development, climate justice and equitable disaster recovery. She has prioritized working with local communities, national funders and elected officials around equity in the post-Katrina/post-BP disaster Gulf Coast. She was a lead coordinator for Gulf South Rising 2015, a regional initiative around climate justice and just transition in the South, and in 2014 Colette was selected for the Young Climate Justice National Fellowship based on her work with coastal communities of color.