The True Thousand


What is your commitment to change

There are two levels of engagement with this Evolutionary Leadership Project. The first and easiest means you simply Join The Network. You will be on our e-mail list. You will receive updates, inspiration, good information and opportunities to engage with our work.

The next level means becoming part of The True Thousand

This is our effort to crowd source our independence. We want the freedom to explore the full breadth of creative possibility.

The True Thousand is inspired by Kevin Kelly's brilliant notion of 1000 True Fans. It may take us three months or it may take us ten years, but we are committed to building and nurturing a committed group of one thousand people ready to explore the full breadth of creative possibility.

What does any of this mean?

First know this, we are following a penguin strategy, no one jumps until we all jump! By joining the True Thousand right now what you are saying is that once we reach a thousand people you will be ready to take the first leap with us. Joining is a statement of interest and intention. You get a number between 1 and 999 and you wait until we reach our goal. You might even want to encourage a few of your friends to join.

Once we get to a thousand, any time between tomorrow and ten years from now, members of our True Thousand will each invest one hundred dollars into the Evolutionary Leadership Project.

By making this investment you will:

-    Actively sponsor our creative independence.

-    Gain access to an exclusive social network

-    Have the opportunity (not the obligation) to participate in experiments that will explore building a mutual aid society, testing alternative currencies, and trading time and skills instead of money

You will also be a part of co-creating, designing and hosting an extraordinary gathering of The True Thousand. This will be our way to explore new ways of being together. It will be a truly joyful and celebratory experience designed to feed our spiritual growth while building our capacity to thrive in this brave new world

Creative independence will allow the Evolutionary Leadership Project to experiment in ways that might not yield immediate revenue but that explore ways of addressing the crisis of meaning and the crisis of connection that limit our evolutionary capacity.

We are committed to full transparency about how every penny is used.

Make your promise. You only pay when we reach our goal.