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The Evolutionary Leadership Workshop is a workshop to make dreams real.

It is specifically designed to take that big idea out of your head and into the world. It is your launch pad. The workshop first launched in 2015 and was remarkably successful. It was the FIRST EVER workshop at Hollyhock where the majority of participants were people of color. In 2016 the workshop doubled in size and we now have cross cohort collaborations that continue to thrive!

We spend five days of full immersion in the magical land of Hollyhock, on Cortes Island, off the coast of British Columbia, unplugged and fully committed to the spiritual and intellectual rigors demanded of those who take dreams into the real world.

This workshop is for people who are in the midst of their creative struggle. This workshop is for you if you are stuck in a job that does not fulfill you, or maybe even without a job. Or perhaps you have the perfect job and this workshop is what you need in order to bring your work to the next level.

It is for you if you can relate to the experience of being full of potential, of being really good at something, of having a meaningful purpose that has not been acknowledged yet. Evolutionary Leadership is for you if there is something that you are here create.

We will create. We will find ways to make a living by bringing our gift to the world. We will be true to our vocation. We will sharpen our intention. We will make some of the most meaningful connections in our lives. And we will commit to a process of endless experimentation. This is the life of an evolutionary leader.

Shot and edited by Danielle Coates-Connor

Participating in Evolutionary Leadership at Hollyhock was a life changing experience for me. I came back so clear that I am walking in my path, and with the confidence to step fully into my vision and into my power. The container that Gibran built shepherded a break down of insecurities, nurtured transformative relationships, and centered us in our unique and collective paths towards social change. I am humbled and honored to have been part of this first workshop, and I know I will look back in one, five, and 30 years and attribute my growth to this experience.”