All About The Heart

Thomas Friedman launched a recent column reminding us that automation will define the future:

Software has started writing poetry, sports stories and business news. IBM’s Watson is co-writing pop hits. Uber has begun deploying self-driving taxis on real city streets and, last month, Amazon delivered its first package by drone to a customer in rural England.

He also reminds us that there is nothing that competes with the human heart. It is only the heart that can can love, have compassion and dream. He reminds us that only humans can build deep relationships of trust.

He refers to Dov Seidman’s thinking on this question of automation, and his proposal that we must finally move beyond the Cartesian equation of  “I think, therefore I am” and move into a concept of self that says: “I care, therefore I am; I hope, therefore I am; I imagine, therefore I am. I am ethical, therefore I am. I have a purpose, therefore I am. I pause and reflect, therefore I am.”

Anyone that wants to do anything that matters must tend the crisis of meaning and the crisis of connection that define our culture today.

The future brings challenges that can only be addressed through humaning. The concerted project of becoming human again. Only humans can build deep relationships of trust.

We carve out our role in the future by dedicating ourselves to the courage, the authenticity and the boldness of a project that uplifts the human heart.