Gibrán is an internationally renowned master facilitator who has devoted his life to the development of leaders and organizational transformation. 

He understands that our next evolutionary leap depends on trust and the currency of love. He pays close attention to dynamics of power, equity and inclusion as he works with networks of cultural creatives navigating complexity.



The work

The commitment is to bring great people together to do work that changes everything. This work is about a just transition. We want to be a part of defining new ways for us to be together in this world.

the blog

The species is at a choice point - will this be our evolutionary crash or our evolutionary leap? I work with people who want to leap. It is time to take an adaptive leap. This work is about the evolution of consciousness and culture.

the workshops

Gibrán currently hosts two workshops  to make dreams real. They are specifically designed to take that big idea out of your head and into the world. Applications are now open for BOTH Your Project X and Evolutionary Leadrship.