Prayer for the First Women

Join me in prayer on Wednesday March 20 at 12pm. Sign up below

It is important for the “first of” women in congress to know they have our support. We show that with our resources, with our volunteer hours, with our voices in the public forum.

It’s not easy to be first. The old guard feels like you are taking their place. The old system is shaking. You are what the future looks like. And you are perceived as a threat. It is a merciless environment. You are under a national microscope. You are facing waves and waves of digital hate.

Even your friends are deconstructing you. Political types are known to judge harshly. They will lift you up when you win. And discard you when you fail. They will dismiss you when you are less than perfect. And they will hate when your humanity shows.

This is why it is important for us to hold them in prayer. Prayer is not just for the religious right. To pray is to hold someone close to your heart. And to wish them well. To pray is to call on the great mystery. To call on the preciousness of life. And to ask for a blessing. To seek protection. To live in a good way.

Rashida Tlaib was attacked for swearing. And for calling a racist a racist. Ilhan Omar has already had to apologize. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez released the wrong draft of the Green New Deal.

They are not going to do everything right. And that’s why we pray for them. We pray that they may feel held. Loved. Cared for in their imperfection. Celebrated in their courage. In their clarity and boldness.

They usher in a new day. And it comes at a cost to them. And to their families.

We need to come together and pray for them. Wish them well. Send them the best of our good energy. Enliven them with our faith.

Let’s start on the next Full Moon. Wednesday, March 20. Just for 10 minutes. At 12pm Eastern time. Let’s come together in prayer of love, and support for the future that these women hold.

Sign up at the bottom of the post and we’ll send you a calendar invite with detailed call in information, or just join us via zoom on the full moon:

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Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez. Youngest woman ever elected to congress.

Ayanna Pressley. First black woman to be elected to congress from the state of Massachusetts. (My congresswoman!!!)

Deb Haaland. First of two Native American women to be elected to congress. Member of the Laguna Pueblo tribe.

Ilhan Omar. First Somali-American Muslim person to become a legislator and the first Somali American elected to the U.S. Congress. First woman of color to represent Minnesota in Congress.

Rashida Tlaib. First Palestinian-American woman in Congress and one of two of the first Muslim women elected to congress.

Sharice Davids. The first of two Native American women elected to congress. And the first openly LGBTQ+ woman of color to ever be sworn in. Member of the Ho-Chunk Nation.

Sylvia Garcia. The first of two Latinas to be elected to congress from Texas.

Veronica Escobar. The first of two Latinas to be elected to congress from Texas.