Day 40: Let's Meditate

Thank you so much for coming together on this journey. Saturday marks our 40th day, the “last” day of our experiment. It will be Day 100 for me. Let’s celebrate together. Let’s meditate.

We will come together at 9:30AM East/6:30AM West. The 30 minute call will begin with a brief centering practice followed by silence together and we will close with an opportunity for you to share any reflections. Here is the number to call:

 Dial-in Number: (712) 775-7031 Access Code: 213-414  

It is my hope that our 40 Days helped give a boost to your practice and that you will continue meditating into the future. We will keep our facebook group and we will be sure to e-mail or text you as we come up with other opportunities to practice together.


This has been beautiful. ¡GRACIAS!