The commitment is to bring great people together to do work that changes everything. 

We are committed to justice and we are committed to creative possibility. We are talking about our next evolutionary leap. We want to do work that moves us beyond the climate crisis and towards a new and generative economy. This work is about a just transition. We want to be a part of defining new ways for us to be together in this world.

We do our best work when it is aligned with our sense of purpose. We work better together when we forge more authentic relationships with one another. The currency of trust is what defines powerful collaboration. We are able to work with complexity when we work as networks committed to relentless experimentation.

Gibrán designs and facilitates spaces that make transformation possible.


Organizational Transformation



Gibran works with a select number of organizations experimenting with ways to thrive in a world that is increasingly defined by volatility, uncertainty, complexity and ambiguity.

Leadership Development



Gibrán is one of the country’s leading experts in the development of leadership networks. He has mastered the art of bringing passionate leaders together in order to amplify their impact.





Gibrán is an inspirational speaker. He motivates others by striking a balance between the intellectual rigour needed to thrive in a complex world and the work of heart and spirit that is the necessary anchor of any work that truly matters.