Patriarchy is Transmitted

Today we gather again. A group of men committed to the lifelong process of relinquishing patriarchy.

adrienne reminds us to:

recognize that as a man, you are a part of patriarchy. even if you have made some effort to break out of it, the system/insanity of patriarchy is still there for you to fall back into under pressure or duress.

Patriarchy does not happen by osmosis. It is not something that is simply in the water. Patriarchy is transmitted. We are educated into it. Words are spoken. Often by our elders. Certainly by our peers. And always through the culture. Booming through the media.

Tonight we’ll share our stories. Including at least one formative experience of patriarchy.

I remember becoming part of a religious community. At the age of 12. As my family moved from Puerto Rico to the mainland United States. There, just as I was starting to transition from a boy into a young man, I was taught that men were supposed to be the head of the household. This was a religious admonishment. It wasn’t presented as just an idea. It was taught to me as the way God intended things to be. It was the order of things.

What does that do to a boy who longs to be in right relationship with God? How does this shape a young man who wants to claim a rightful place in his community? What are the implications for one’s sense of power, manhood and identity? These were the formative years of my life.

And this is just one glimpse into my story.

What is yours?

Let’s talk tonight. Here is how to get ready.

August 5 at 8:30PM East (sign up for call info)

  • Let’s come ready to share our personal story in 5 minutes or less. Make sure to highlight a formative experience of patriarchy.

  • If you participated on July 8, come ready to check-in on the commitment that you made

  • One of you brilliantly requested that we come ready to share practices:

I'd love to hear from others what they are doing to break through on the ways patriarchy limits us in our own lives as well as ways they are breaking it down and stepping up for the Women in their orbits

  • Finally, let’s commit to re-reading adrienne’s text at least one more time before our next call.