Wow. 2015 was quite the year! My heart swells with gratitude for its blessings.

I turned 40. Big deal. Big party. It was so good to have so many friends from so many parts of my life brave the Boston Snowpocalypse in order to have a good time.

Mr. Tom Tan, my father-in-law, crossed over to the realm of the ancestors where we trust that he rests in peace and continues to watch over his beloved daughter and grandson.

I held the first ever Evolutionary Leadership Workshop, it was the first time I convene independently of a client, and it was a phenomenal success. The community we launched still vibrates with aliveness and each of their experiments is becoming real in the world.

I concluded my 9 year relationship as an employee of the Interaction Institute for Social Change and now I’m fully independent through gibranrivera.com.

Life at home has been amazing and rich with lessons. My relationship with Samantha continues to deepen and grow. I can’t believe I get to partner with someone like this. And Darshan - well, there are no words, only joy.

I stopped drinking and smoking pot - WOW, what a big deal that has been!

There have been mistakes and tough lessons. My heart still aches when I think of these. There have also been losses that continue to hurt. Jake’s death still makes absolutely no sense.

I do not close my eyes to the turmoil in the world and the prevalence of injustice. Instead I choose to turn towards them with the boldness of what makes us human, this is the place where we get to churn. This is where we get to make it truly matter. This is the place where we practice being ancestors in training.

2015 leaves behind a level of heart ache, but also revelation, truth, wakefulness and the scent of liberation - a vibrant sense of this evolutionary thrust. THIS is why we are here.