Waking Up

Eleven years ago today I had an encounter that changed my life forever. The glance of a spiritual master led to an awakening experience that is still unfolding within me. It was an initiation so far outside my realm of possibility that it took two years and the breakdown of my life for me to begin to come to terms with it.

I am still learning the lessons that come with that unlocking... 

But I did get a taste of freedom, and it is a taste that changes everything. Since then I have learned about the powerful path of the heart, about the flow of Grace, about the vibrancy of energy that constitutes the world. I learned that there is such a thing as an awakened one and that their very company is liberating. I have a deeper understanding of worship, devotion and surrender. And I have learned a whole lot more about trust.

I now have a fundamental orientation towards evolution, I believe it is a shared experience. And I am ever more committed to optimizing life at the intersection of love and freedom.