The Best Medicine

Shot and edited by Danielle Coates-Connor during the Evolutionary Leadership Workshop at Hollyhock in 2017

We have always known that laughter is the best medicine. Grandmothers have always told us so. Today’s science is catching up with ancient wisdom, and the myriad physiological benefits of laughter continue to be revealed. In our high stress, often depressed society, laughter becomes the most precise medicine for our day.

Laughter has also proven to be a powerful bonding mechanism, and some propose that laughter’s evolutionary purpose is precisely to bring us together.

I first learned about Madan Kataria’s Laughter Yoga Revolution back in 2008. I have been incorporating it in my work ever since. Some years ago participants started talking about laughter yoga flash mobs in subway systems throughout the country. We didn’t quite execute on that plan - but maybe you want to start something?

No matter how far you want to take it, make sure you have a laugh today.


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