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After too long a stretch on the road, I am finally back to interviewing for the Better Men Project. I am riveted by the pattern of pain and responsibility that keeps showing up in these talks with men.

I did manage to make time for a heart-centered overnight ceremony with a cohort of men. These were lawyers, accountants, and big time financiers. Men who live and work outside of the “woke” discourse. The men that I’m trying to reach. The work works, the heart opening is real, and it gives men access to parts of themselves that have been shut out by patriarchy and its conditioning.

I was also moved with hope after the first men’s meeting held for those who have participated in the Evolutionary Leadership Workshop. The depth of connection and relationship that we already hold allowed us to take a very deep dive right away. We rallied around a crisis of patriarchy, beautifully supported by the women and femme identified folks in our community. 

We refused to concede to a culture that seeks to throw men away in the name of “justice.” And we committed to the idea that intimacy among men is a key aspect of becoming better men and living our way into a world that is safe for women.

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The Flagship

The Flagship

Last month I was blessed to facilitate the fourth annual Evolutionary Leadership Workshop, our flagship program. A workshop to make dreams real. I also facilitated the first ever Evolutionary Leadership Graduate Program, an opportunity for former workshop participants to come back and level up. 

Adult Friendships

Adult Friendships

Four years ago David Brooks wrote a column that stuck with me. Startling Adult Friendships]. I saved it.

In it he fantasized about what he would do with $500 million dollars. He said that he would try to set up places that would cultivate friendships. He would take the sort of networking programs that seem to transform people’s lives and make them less career oriented and more profound.

That’s what I do.

(Minus the 500 million)

What About Kindness

As I spend my days in progressive circles, privileged to spend time with people committed to a movement that can redeem our country and help save the world, it is crystal clear to me that this sign names the core platform that we are fighting for. Queer and trans liberation. The liberation of migrant people. The liberation of Black people. Governance grounded in reason. The liberation of women. The end of an extraction economy and right relationships with the planet. These are evidently true.

But what about kindness?