Mutual Accountability

We are working to take the workshop model to the next level. We are developing a premium product. The Mastermind Group is a life changing 100 day program for successful leaders who want to level up. It is an intensive experience that includes:

  • an in person workshop

  • daily practices

  • coaching

  • weekly small group calls

  • physical and spiritual attunement

  • a lifetime network of star performers

Mutual accountability is the power behind an effective Mastermind Group. So we decided to test our mutual accountability process.

For 21 days a group of us endeavored to build and hold a morning routine. Win the morning, win the day! We supported each other using a set of tools. But the process was held together by a simple rule: if I fail to keep my commitment, everyone in my group has to pay.

We are social animals. We don’t want to let each other down. And we certainly don’t want to be the cause of someone else's punishment. The tool worked like a charm. Even on those few occasions when one of us missed a day, it was very easy to jump right back on track. No one wants to start the trend of leading their team to fail.

The best way to change is together. It is important to understand the primal drives that animate us. Structures that facilitate positive social pressure are essential tools for making the change we seek.

Stay tuned. Change is coming.