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I turn 44 today. Samantha and I had a date yesterday, and she held space for my reflection. Birthdays are good for looking back and looking forward. I had to start with gratitude. I know that I am abundantly blessed. Blessed by the goddess. By my family and friends. By my community and vocation. By the light of my ancestors. and by the grace of life in these times, in this place and in this moment.

There are certainly things that I want. I want to be healthier. More alive. More embodied. I want to love more. And I want to cling less. I want to right the wrongs that I’ve done. And I want to forgive more fully.

I want to do more of my work with people who want to be brave. We are living times that matter. The fate of humanity is at stake. And I want to work with folks who are willing to dare. People who would rather heal than stay attached to our trauma. People who won’t see themselves as victims, even if they have been hurt. Folks who know that there are limits to the politics of anger and the currency of resentment.

I want to do deeper work. Committed work. With those stepping into grace, and into responsibility.

The power of our times is found in our commitment to freedom. In our willingness to be bold with our love. In our effort to be more authentic. In the enlivening contact of deeper and truer connection. In the birth of a new We.

What I keep learning. And what became clear in my conversation with Samantha. Is that the way there is through here. I want to bring more and more of my attention to all the brave and committed people that I already get to work with. I want to appreciate the things that are already growing in my life. I want to celebrate the ways in which I get to do sacred work. With people who have the courage and the willingness to let go of what we know. To step into what we don’t know.

Fulfillment is achieved here. Now. With appreciation. With awareness of what is good. And what is already working.

I want even more of the good. And I want to get there through here.