Samantha Tan on Pleasure

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A pleasure movement’s afoot. And women of color are its leading edge. What an incredible way to rebel. It is a sign of life, resilience, resistance and hope. It is a harbinger of joy.

This is the launch of my video series. And I’m thrilled to be introducing you to my wife, Samantha Tan. She is an executive coach to women, a circle holder and all around wise woman. She is devoting her life to reclaim pleasure as medicine, compass and path. 

I met Samantha around the same time that I was getting to know women like Favianna Rodriguez and adrienne maree brown. Asian. Latina. Black. Different lives.  Different perspectives. Each of them committed to pleasure. All converging on the side of life.

It is good to name a pattern when you see it. 

I grew up a religious Catholic. Pleasure was something to be weary of. This was true for me as a boy. And even more so for the women, queer and gender nonconforming people in my life. This pleasure movement is liberating. It is a shift in paradigm. It is not an immature stance for hedonism. It is a stand for what is beautiful in life. It is an act of rebellion that centers the feminine. It is expansive and inclusive in its nature. And it is light on a better path.

I will keep working with men to relinquish patriarchy. To stop being a threat. To stop getting in the way of feminine pleasure with our extractive ways. To step into conscious masculinity where it is wanted. Where it serves. 

And I will leave you here with Samantha. Her wisdom. Commitment. And generous work. Can’t wait to hear what you think!

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