I’m just getting back from two weeks at Sundance. I just facilitated two very different gatherings at the intersection of culture, art and justice. There is such a thing as a creative impulse. It is the driving force of evolution itself. It moves through us.

This creative impulse is your desire for purpose and significance. It is the eros that defines your subconscious. It is the thread of all good stories. It is why we thirst for meaning. It is what makes you want to grow, and what allows you to not know.

The creative impulse holds the magic of our aliveness.


During this awful presidential race, through these weeks of political conventions, as the news media bombard us with spectacles that have been emptied of anything that truly matters, dare to withdraw your attention from the madness.

Align with the evolutionary thrust.

What happens when you tune into your creative impulse?

What stirs up when you remember that you must do something that matters?

Now stand up and move your body. Release any sense of stuckness. The universe is in motion. The big bang is still banging.

We can do this.

We can turn to one another. We can birth a new aesthetic. We can fix our gaze on beauty.

Now. More than ever. It’s our time to get creative.


*Artwork by Susanne Iles