Isla de San Juan Bautista

Puerto Rico’s first Spanish name was “Isla de San Juan Bautista.” As a spiritual kid growing up in a devout Catholic family I came to develop a sense of devotion towards the Saint. He spoke with the fierce urgency of now. He was the prophet who declared that a world changing event was upon us. Sometimes I feel like I can hear him holler in the desert. Today is his fiesta, today he is remembered and celebrated.

Many years later I had an unexpected encounter with a tantric master whose gaze changed my life forever. I was surprised by an initiation that redefined my experience of reality and blew my heart wide open. I developed a sense of deep love and devotion for the woman that gave me this awakening. Today is her birthday.

Over the last few years I have been working with a Shaman in ways that are once again redefining everything. The practice connects me to the earth mother, to Pachamama, and provides a most direct link to her wisdom. The very wisdom that we need if we are to save our species. Today I will see her in her most generous glory, as we make our way to Lake Titicaca.

June 24, you are always most auspicious.