We Did It

The first ever Evolutionary Leadership Workshop, my first public workshop
after a decade of doing this work, was an incredible success. I am still
grasping for words to capture the potency of what we just experienced
together. But I have felt so loved and held by you, my community, that I
feel I owe it to you to share a first sense of what just happened here in

I am proud that we just held the first workshop at Hollyhock where the
majority of participants were people of color. It made a big difference. We
gathered an extraordinary group of individuals, folks who are doing great
things and are now ready to take their work to the next level – they came
here to get a jumpstart on their dream.


The real success of this Evolutionary Leadership project will become
self-evident as these people begin their process of experimentation, as
they launch their ideas in the real world. I can’t wait to see what happens.

But what has already happened is truly magnificent. Participants came to
embody the power of their highest intention. They tuned into their most
authentic Self. And it was from this place that they boldly stepped into
loving relationship with one another. The community of care, support and
incredible joy that has taken shape here is one of the most precious things
I get to witness. We stepped into the principle of connection and we were
able to experience its rewards.

I am overwhelmed by the privilege of fulfilling my life purpose, by the
opportunity to be my best Self in service of folks who can teach me as much
as I can teach them. My heart has blown wide open and that surely is a sign
that we are on good path.

Thank you so much for your good will, your encouragement and the ways in
which you too are part of the ways we hold each other.

More to come;