Evolutionary Leadership Launch

We Launch Today!

This is a moment worth naming. I write from Hollyhock, Cortes Island,
British Columbia where in a few hours we will be launching the first ever
Evolutionary Leadership Workshop. After more than a decade facilitating
other people’s gatherings this is the very first time I offer my own public

I am bringing the best of what I have learned to an intimate and courageous
group of people who want to do real things in the world. These are people
who want to thrive in a world that is defined by increasing complexity. We
are anchored by the principles of intention, connection and

We acknowledge that ours is a historical moment that could define the very
future of the species and we’ve decided to step into our creative
responsibility. It is a moment of choice. Will this be our evolutionary
crash or our evolutionary leap? This is a workshop for people who want to

I am honored by the caliber of people who have chosen to get away with me
for five days. I am particularly moved by the fact that the group is
predominantly composed of powerful women of color. I believe they hold the
keys to the future and I believe that together we are unstoppable.

I’ll let you know how it goes.