Together Again

A group of visionaries came together this June in the first ever Evolutionary Leadership Workshop. The bond we formed was so strong that the group self-organized the reunion that took place this weekend. It was powerful, it was liberating, it was magical.

We crafted the Evolutionary Leadership Workshop as a launchpad for cultural creatives ready to take an idea out of their head and into the world. We introduced a framework for working with complexity and experimenting our way into the future that we are here to create.

But the Evolutionary Leadership Workshop is a lot more than that. It is a space for leaders to ground in the power of their life’s purpose. And perhaps most importantly it is a space to build community - to nurture authentic relationships of mutual care.

Our success was fully evident over the last couple of days. The love and commitment in this crew is truly remarkable. We took leaps of trust that only served to deepen our bond. We rigorously looked at each of our experiments and made clear commitments for moving forward. We practiced living in the world that we are trying to build.

Launching the Evolutionary Leadership Workshop is my way of honing into my own life’s purpose. It is the place where I can bring the very best of what I have learned after a lifetime of practice. Today more than ever I am convinced that the liberation that we seek will be found in a new definition of “we space.” I believe more than ever that the bold authenticity of human connection yields possibilities that we have not yet imagined. I trust in my very bones that it is in turning to one another that we truly become free.

If you are interested in participating in the next Evolutionary Leadership Workshop, or if you would like more information on the program, RSVP here.