Music Freedom Dreams

Meet Jay-Marie Hill. Evolutionary Leadership Cohort of 2018. Activist, musician, and educator who lives a life designed to help our world ascend beyond gendered and racialized norms. Tune in. Experience the way Jay-Marie brings us into the fullness of their heart while moving us with their piercing intellect. Listen, learn and feel. And please support the Black Trans & GNC Bike Ride. Let’s honor the truth held in these bodies while they are alive and well.

Jay-Marie Hill is a musician and Founder of Music Freedom Dreams. They are currently organizing and fundraising for The Black Trans Bike Experience, which is a 5 day 160 mile bike ride for black trans and gender non-conforming riders. The ride will conclude in DC on September 28, just in time for the first Trans March on DC. This bike ride aims to deepen rider’s connection to body, mind, and spirit. Trans and GNC folks deserve more than just the ability to survive, they deserve joy and freedom. DONATE HERE

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