Wild Dreams

We did it! The first-ever Evolutionary Leadership Workshop was a remarkable success. It was the landmark experience that we meant for it to be. Participants launched their projects, they committed to an experimental approach and they dared to take their dreams out of their heads and into the world.


  • A birthing center designed for equity

  • A new paradigm consulting firm

  • A network of young political leaders

  • A new web platform for art and liberation

  • A community of healers of color

  • A movement to re-imagine Guatemala

  • A new direction for a community of young women migrants from Africa

  • A project to disrupt the dominant processes for the production of knowledge

These dreams have now become real. Our leaders are committed to the evolutionary process.

Read some of the testimonials. We are going back to Hollyhock next June. You have time to plan ahead. Reach out if you are thinking about it, we can talk. It will be good to reserve your spot - space is necessarily limited, we want this to be an intimate experience.

We have successfully brought together the power of purpose, connection and experimentation. We have a workshop that can turn dreams into reality. We are growing a network of leaders who are committed to evolution.

“You are your ancestors’ wildest dream”


These words were scribed on of a column of the spectacular “Exhibit Be”. It is a fact that has not escaped my heart. You were dreamt into this moment. What are you going to do with that dream?