SEED Summit

I just facilitated the Rauschenberg Foundation's SEED Summit and I found it truly refreshing work. Artists bring a different energy to the work of collaboration. They have an intuitive understanding of our inherent capacity to create. Most of these artists are not explicitly movement artists, they are not explicitly committed to social justice. It might sound strange but this too is refreshing. I am appreciating time with people who share my values but live outside of my echo chamber.

The foundation describes SEED as "a combination of risk capital and value added support to early stage, groundbreaking projects in ten cities across the United States: Atlanta, Boise, Buffalo, Cleveland, Detroit, Kansas City,Phoenix, Portland, Providence, and New Orleans. The grants allow leadership to shore up their capacity so that they can focus on expanding and enriching their local cultural landscape." It is very refreshing to tap into the cultural scene that thrives outside of New York and San Francisco - art beyond the coasts!


We come here to build community, to learn together and to get some well deserved R&R time by the beach. It is a privilege to spend time in Rauschenberg's refuge, his residence in Captiva Island. It is amazing to be surrounded by his art and the power of his intention. I am moved by his vision and generosity, he is one of those people that found great things to do with his stardom.

This is the second SEED Summit, I have had the pleasure of facilitating both. This work is part of my intention to focus more and more on culture as the leverage point for the transformation that we seek. 

In addition to my work with the Rauschenberg Foundation I have just launched an exciting project with the Lambent Foundation, doing deep leadership work with artists. I will be facilitating the Creative Change Retreat at Sundance this summer. I'm doing work around "When We Fight We Win," an art book about movement in the 21st Century and I expect to continue my work with the Boston Cultural Change Network. My art portfolio is solid and it is improving all of my work better. These are are exciting times for evolutionaries