Work That Matters

Photo by  L. Kasimu Harris

I've turned off my WhatsApp notifications. I'm part of too many active groups! But I can turn to it at any given point, much like I did this morning, and let my heart be moved by one group or another expressing love for each other.

Whether it's a group of Colombian artists and activists, a cohort of Boston Barr Fellows, or an Evolutionary Leadership Cohort (the ones closest to my heart), I notice a shared energy and a recurring theme. Adults loving each other boldly. Folks supporting one another, standing for each other, asking each other for help, offering energy, prayers as well as practical support.

This is how I know I'm doing something good in the world. To the extent that I have played any role in facilitating a space that nurtures these lasting connections, these authentic relationships of love, I trust that I'm doing work that matters, I learn that I'm living a purposeful life.

I wrote this from the Creative Change Retreat, cradled by a glorious canyon in Provo, UT, ancestral lands of the Ute People. I wrote it as I witnessed the way passionate, creative, committed participants turn to one another with their brilliance, their laughter, their care and their open hearts.

This I think is work that matters. And we will live through the impact that it has.