Learning from Your Project X

Launching and piloting Your Project X was a phenomenal experience. I am so grateful for the Boston Founding Fellows, the first participants in our Boston Career Change pilot. It takes courage to be first.

I'm excited about the turns that YPX is taking. This project is right where it needs to be, the team is learning and iterating, it is practicing what we preach.

After a lot of personal reflection, I have decided to step out of the project. I have full confidence in this idea, I love the team that is bringing it together, and I know that it will iterate its way into something pretty amazing.

It's just not the path for me. I'm headed in a different direction (stay tuned for more!) It takes trying something on to learn whether it is for you or not. This posture is integral to the Evolutionary Leadership Framework.

I am very glad to know that Jeff and Yulia remain committed to building the Boston community. And I’m looking forward to seeing what comes out of the Camp X weekend this month.

Working with the YPX leadership team, meeting the Boston Founding Fellows, witnessing the way people come together to change and to create -  that and all the lessons that I personally learned have made this a worthy experiment.

Here is to what’s next.