A New Economy

We live in a suicide economy. We are caught in a system of extraction that is decimating the planet and has the species on the fast track to an evolutionary crash.

We have a crisis of the imagination. In the words of Fredric Jameson, “it has become easier to imagine the end of the world than the end of [globalized, unbridled] capitalism.”

But ours is not a dark story. Ours is the story of evolution. And everywhere around the world people are daring to imagine something new. Everywhere we find people who hold the wisdom we were taught had been lost. Everywhere there are folks who are practicing, inventing, remembering, experimenting with better ways of being human together.

And isn’t that what an economy is for?

Here in North America, BALLE, the Business Alliance for Local Living Economies, is doing the work of bringing together leaders and pioneers in the local economy movement. They are doing the work of helping an ecosystem become more aware of itself. It is work that makes it possible for the bold to learn from each other, and be  in relationship with each other, creating the right conditions for the emergence of a new economy.

I serve on the facilitation team for the BALLE Local Economy Fellowship. And this year I teamed up with Tuesday Ryan-Hart to facilitate the BALLE Leadership Summit. Here is a good highlights reel of our experience together. How can you be part of this movement?