It’s my birthday! I’m already tearing up with all the love coming my way via text and social media. What a miracle it has been to be born into this Flow of Grace. I believe in seven year cycles, and I stepped into my 42nd year with great intention (and intensity!). It has been quite a year. A year of deep, inner, personal transformation. 

I turn towards my new year of life with open eyes, continuing to invite change, committed to grow, and to do something different. To evolve my work beyond the spaces in which it has been held. And to continue to commit and re-commit to the practice of fulfillment. 

In a recent “On Being” interview Kevin Kelly says that some biologists believe evolution has a direction. I agree with them. The Big Bang is still banging, and we are right here, in the process of its divine unfolding.

“Evolution moves towards making as many new self organizing structures as possible. What it’s doing is trying to increase the possibilities in the universe, to increase the degrees of freedom.”

This is and has been my life’s commitment, to align my very being with the evolutionary impulse, to nurture the conditions that yield more possibility, to try to love relentlessly and grow our degrees of freedom.