Evolutionary Leadership Workshop

We are off to the third annual Evolutionary Leadership Workshop. Here is a note to the participants:

You have probably had a set of landmark experiences in your life. You have had moments that you refer back to over and over again, you have had realizations that continue to feed you. Our goal is to craft another one of those experiences. We want the Evolutionary Leadership Workshop to become a landmark moment in your life. Our intention is to support you as you reach deep alignment with yourself and with your own highest purpose.  We want you to return home with a new community of people and a concrete set of steps that will launch you into what is next for you.  We want you to actualize your dream, we want to enroll you in the evolutionary movement of our time.

We are going on a journey together.  Our days are spacious, we want you to enjoy the magic of the land.  We want you to have time to rejuvenate.  We will have long lunch breaks and other unstructured time.  You should know that we will be together on most nights, the energy of the evening allows us to do a different kind of work.

We will begin by getting to know each other, sharing our stories and articulating our intentions.  We will spend our first full day getting crystal clear on our purpose, honing in on what it is that we really want, finding ways to align with the desire that brought us to this magical island in the first place.  Our day will be anchored by a powerful session that is focused on our leadership purpose.

Our days will include centering practices of mindfulness, embodiment and joy.  Each evening we will take a deeper dive into states of deep human connectivity, our intention is to explore new possibilities of “we space.”  This is where we will really come to know each other.

On our second full day together you will be offered important frameworks for working with complexity, moving forward through continual experimentation, and aligning with the evolutionary thrust.  From here we will come to greater understanding of our personal power, and develop tools for wielding it.

Powerful, purposeful and connected to one another, we will then spend our third day crafting our strategies for action.  Your peers will bring their brilliance forward and help you articulate the rigor necessary to turn a dream into action.  You will also do the same for them.

Grounded in what must become actionable, we will then work with tools to better sense into the future – to sharpen our intuition, to trust it and to better work with it.  This is a most important skill when working in a world defined by VUCA – Volatility, Uncertainty, Complexity and Ambiguity.

On our last afternoon together we will each take our vision stand.  Each one of us will find our truest voice and speak our vision of the future.  You will be offered tools and frameworks for doing this, but the power of it will be in the doing.  This is how we begin to speak the future into being.

We will close with strong commitments to our concrete plans, to the dream that calls each one of us forward and to the community of people conspiring to create a new world together.