Love What You Do or Do Something Else

I am thrilled to announce the launch of Your Project X! It is my latest effort to help people (re)discover their passions and build careers they’ll love.

You know I’ve devoted my life to helping people do the work that matters most. I cannot think of a more important moment to tap our creative impulse and do what our hearts are here to do.

I am excited by the ongoing success of the Evolutionary Leadership Workshop. But not everyone can get away to a magical island for an intensive seven days. So here is Your Project X.  We run 10 week part-time programs in New York City and Boston designed to help participants accelerate change in their careers -- by amplifying what they are already doing, breaking into a new industry or founding a company.

What I’m most excited about is nurturing a new community of doers. I’m looking forward to helping forge authentic connections among folks who dare say “YES” to their dream. The rigor of small steps, mutual accountability, relentless experimentation and the vibrancy of community. This is how we thrive at the dawn of a new day.

You know someone who is ready, let them know about this.

Or maybe now it’s YOUR turn!

Thank you for spreading the word.