Local Economy Summit

I am passionate about my work with BALLE, the Business Alliance for Local Living Economies, working on the phenomenally ambitious goal of changing our economic system.

This work is absolutely necessary.

I have the privilege of serving on the design and facilitation team of the BALLE Local Economy Fellowship. This is two years of deep, focused work with a carefully curated group of twentyfour local economy leaders.

This week I get to facilitate at a different scale. The BALLE 2017 Leadership Summit. One hundred and sixty people brought together by an understanding that the path to creating healthy, equitable economies starts with weaving the right relationships together.

The Leadership Summit is designed to do just that – harness the wisdom, resources, and knowledge of this movement to create solutions that work. Participants will include members from all cohorts of the BALLE Local Economy Fellowship, the Community Foundation Circle, the Local Economy Investor Circle, and other invited guests.

This is how you nurture an ecosystem.

Our extractive economic system works against life itself. It is bad for people and bad for the planet. The Local Economy Framework is on the side of life. It says:

BALLE Framework 2.jpeg

BALLE is part of an interconnected global ecosystem of people and organizations working everyday towards the necessary goal of changing the economic system. This week’s summit is an integral part of a movement that means to save humanity from itself. And I’m proud to be a part of it.